Oscar Nominations

Here are some of my favorites...

Actress in a leading role:

Even though Anne Hathaway is completely captivating as Kym it seems like Kate Winslet's time in the sun has finally arrived.

Actor in a supporting role:

Heath Ledger should and will win. What he does in that movie is amazing, there's no other way to put it.


If The Dark Knight doesn't win this award I won't know what to say.

Costume Design:

Australia may have been a major letdown in some regards but when it comes to costumes it was a real treat.

Best Picture:

Slumdog Millionaire should win this category but The Curious Case of Benjamin Button just might steal the crown.

My only two serious disappointments were that Jenny Lumet didn't get nominated for original screenplay and that Robert Downey Jr. got nominated for his role in Tropic Thunder. If I could swap nominations I'd do just that.

So who do you think should win???


Anonymous said...

I'm in a very small minority, but I think Robert Downey Jr. totally deserves this award. Nothing against Heath's performance, but if you're gonna give someone an award on the strength of "it's about time", I think it's Downey all day.

I agree with you that Heath will probably win, but I think the Academy blew it by not nominating Dark Knight, which would have been an easy tribute to Heath, and not this glaring disrespect to Christian Bale.

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