Should Tyler Perry pick up 'Push'?

The Women and Hollywood blog posed an interesting idea that Tyler Perry should pick up this year's big Sundance winner Push because having his name attached could get the film in theaters and pull in his steady audience. His movies usually gross around $20 million on opening weekend. Push seems a lot gritter than his usual fare but it could be a bold move for his studio.

Do you think that Tyler Perry should strike up a deal?


[photo: Mariah Carey, Gabourey Sidibe, Lee Daniels, Mo’Nique, Paula Patton]


The Obenson Report said...

Hmmm... I had an instant knee-jerk reaction to this once I read it, and it wasn't a positive one. Funny how anything with Tyler Perry's name mentioned immediately triggers critical thoughts.

However, once I let it all sink in after a few minutes, I realized that this would actually be a good idea. This is a film that I think would actually appeal to his core audience. Sure, it's certainly grittier and less trivial in the manner with which it approaches its subject matter, but, I think TP could win over some critics of his by attaching his name to the project, in much the same way that people like Steven Soderbergh, Tom Hanks, and Quentin Tarantino have attached their names to films in order to give them enough of a public boost.

But an argument against the idea could be that TP's name attached to the film could be to its detriment, because it might turn off a segment of its potential audience (mostly critics of TP not be familiar with the book the film is based on) who might immediately dismiss the film as yet another TP romp, and stay away.

But I think the pros outweigh the cons. First, the film has an audience in those who are familiar with, and loved the book, who are anxious to see the adaptation, and will see it regardless of who's name is attached to it; second, in addition to that audience, TP's name could bring in another audience segment (namely, his core fans) who may not have sought out the film, especially if they aren't familiar with the book, but will now make the effort to see it, because TP's name is attached to it. And lastly, it's a win-win situation for TP, I think; because, regardless of how well the film does, this will give him a chance to silence a few critics, by acting selflessly.

Of course Lee Daniels will have some say in all this. I have no idea how he feels about TP and his films.

The Obenson Report said...

Forgot to say that - a deal is rumored to be in the works between Lionsgate and Lee Daniels' sales reps for the film. And, as we all know, Lionsgate has been the sole distributor of all of TP's films, making it all a good fit.

The Obenson Report said...
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Karen said...

It would be a good move for Tyler Perry to pay attention to some Sundance hits because A.) The films are already produced and he wouldn't have to pay for production B.) The films come with some critical acclaim and audience buzz that could be useful during awards season and C.) He could really turn his studio into a powerhouse this way and Black Hollywood (and indie filmmakers) would love him for it!

If I were Tyler Perry I'd be on a conference call with Lee Dnaiel's rep and Lionsgate ASAP.

Issa Rae said...

Wow, what a great discussion. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Great question, but I actually think this would be a bad idea. I think it would pull away from the work Lee has done on this film. Tyler has a brand that stands alone, and "Push" is not a TP-type film.

I believe this film should go to TV. I know that brings a negative "direct to video" stigma with it, but for this film to do the most good, it needs to be seen by lots of people and not just on an over-hyped "opening weekend".

Further, this is the best acting Mariah Carey has ever done. Lee Daniels deserves the credit for bringing that out, not Tyler Perry.

Karen said...

I'm one of the seemingly few people who enjoyed Mariah Carey in Glitter. It wasn't a brilliant performance or anything but it wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. I'm glad that Push is making people eat crow on their horrible actor comments about her.

Anonymous said...

Lol..this would be funny karen. if he did.

Anonymous said...

haha..... tyler perry... meets glitter???

I mean Mariah can sing but can she truly act.... well this time around?

Karen said...

I could totally see Tyler Perry casting Mariah Carey in a movie. I'm surprised he hasn't already tapped her hubby Nick Cannon for a leading role.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that the deal is done and announced, I have to say that the way it went down is a lot better than it becoming "A Tyler Perry Film". Oprah and TP as marketing partners will do more for everybody involved!

Karen said...

When Oprah and Tyler Perry unite on out world! The only other big production name they could add to the mix is Will Smith and in his own little way he's part of it because his company Overbrook Entertainment is Paula Patton's management (at least last time I checked).

Anonymous said...

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