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Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly

This film explores the lives of ethnic minorities in Indonesia. I can only speak of the minority experience in America so it'll be interesting to see how things compare. Anyone happen to catch this one?

"In The Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly you will find stories about disoriented identity, not knowing who you are, anxiety, uncertainty, the experience of being lost, told with a sense of humor. A father who is desperate to win a green card lottery, so the family can move to America. An ex-national badminton champion, whose husband leaves her for a Javanese wife. A Menado boy who constantly gets beaten up because everybody thinks that he is Chinese. A young girl who believes that Chinese firecrackers expel ghosts. Set within the contemporary social and racial tension of urban Indonesia, the story follows eight characters in their absurd journey to fit in within society in the hope to live better lives."

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Anonymous said...

Another interesting story. I love to learn about life in other countries among other cultures.

Karen said...

Me too. That's part of what makes America so cool, we have all kind of cultures in the mix.