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Here's another Zooey Deschanel film to look forward to. She's becoming the go-to quirky leading lady and that's fine by me. It also stars Paul Dano from Little Miss Sunshine. Wasn't he great in that movie?

[Hat tip JANiE]

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Anonymous said...

What was that other film, Dano was in not so long ago? It was a creepy role.

I absolutely adore Zooey. I thought she was a great Dorothy in "Tin Man."

And ...

I wished she was on Weeds longer. I would love to see her in more things. She has a little Fairuza B and Brittany Murphy going on. I would even say, her style reminds me of Juliette Lewis too, but not as ... um crazy. *lol*

Although I'd love to see her in some roles, like those that Juliette was doing back in the 90's.

Can't wait to see this film.

Karen said...

LOL on Juliette Lewis. I was never a huge fan of hers but she did a great job in The Other Sister and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

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