Tamera Mowry in 'Roommates'

Oddly enough they ran a preview for this show before I watched He's Just Not That Into You. You know in one of those annoying movie ads, well this one wasn't so annoying. I'm glad to see Tamera Mowry returning to TV.

Mark has a crush on Katie, so what's he do? Becomes her roommate. Smooth. They also live with Hope, a career woman ... um, without a career. And roomie No. 4, James, has advice for everyone, but he's no better off than anyone. And finally there's Thom, who doesn't live in but hangs out a lot. Hookups, jobs, and other embarrassments keep the laughs coming as five 22-year-olds try to figure it all out.

Official Site:
ABC Family


8thlight said...

I hope the show has staying power. I also hope that Hope dates some Black guys.

It would be nice to have some presence in the Roommates' world.

Karen said...

I hope she dates an Arab-American dude. How cool would that be? We need some more diversity on TV.

Kaitlin said...

I too saw the preview for this in the theater right before He's Just Not That Into You (which was surprisingly a refreshing movie!)...I gotta say, despite ABC Family not having the best track record for tv shows, this seems to have a very good HIMYM vibe to it! I'm definitely going to tune in...

Karen said...

Yeah, He's Just Not That Into You was pretty cute. I haven't gotten into How I Met Your Mother but it looks fun. I'll have to check it out on DVD.

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