Jessica Alba on 'The Tonight Show'

Just in case you missed it (I did) here's a clip...

That's the kind of depth certain late night talk shows offer. I'd really like to see Alba do a more introspective interview on PBS with Charlie Rose or Tavis Smiley. The kind of questions they ask are on a different level and yield far better answers.


Noelani said...

I can't say I'm surprised and I don't know if being on Charlie Rose would do her any favors.

I'm still kind of off her, since she was complaining about her status as being less Latina than Cameron Diaz. What kind of argument is that to make?

Just my opinion.

Rain said...

She is so pretty && that funny !! haha her and leno!

I would really like her to doing something dark as far as acting wise. Everyone says she's just the hottest thing but I wish she was a better actress she's just ok.

Karen said...


I don't get the complaining vibe from her but in some interviews I could sense her frustration about other people not understanding her biracial experience. It would be awesome if she chatted with the hosts of Mixed Chicks Chat. They would probably stir up a meaningful conversation on the issue.


Speaking of "dark roles" I miss her Dark Angel days. You know how much I liked that show! Maybe James Cameron needs to create another engaging story for her.