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Tia Mowry on Producing Films and TV

Tia Mowry (The Game, Sister, Sister) chatted with Black Voices about her behind the camera aspirations:

Because you come from a popular teen franchise, have you ever thought about partnering with your sister and doing what Nick Cannon is doing for Nickelodeon and developing new teen series for television?

My sister and I are working on that now. We are producing a Lifetime movie right now. My sister was also on 'Strong Medicine.' I had actually done an episode of 'Strong Medicine' and they saw the popularity of both of us and they said, 'Let's do a movie together.' We're definitely building a production company right now to show African-American women in a positive light and that we're great role models and can make fun loving, great movies for the family. That's actually my goal if you ask me where do I want to see myself in five or ten years, I would really love to have a family of two kids right then and really have a flourishing and thriving production company that's geared toward to making and creating family movies, television, reality, you name it. If Tyler Perry can do, I can do it too.

She also gushes about her obsession with HBO's True Blood...

I would love to play a vampire or something very mischievous, sexy and just all around bad.

And in this CW interiew she shares more details about the romantic comedy she's producing for Lifetime:


Issa Rae said...

Oh wow, I didn't know they were interested in producing! They seem like they both have such a good head on their shoulders. I'd love to see them producing more quality work. Go Sister, Sister!

abster said...

go sister siter, i love them

Katrina L. Burchett said...

Tia & Tamera are two beautiful, talented young ladies. I didn't know they were producing now; that's nice to hear. I'm looking forward to seeing the Lifetime movie.

Karen said...

There are two types of Lifetime movies: the good romantic comedy ones and the tragic "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" movie of the week specials. I'm pretty sure the Mowry sisters flick fits into the first category.

According to IMDb so far the cast listed is...Adrienne Bailon, Evan Ross and Cory Hardrict (Tia's hubby). Get stoked!!!

Rain said...

Wow.... that sounds interesting I'm glad they are still around! They are both great actors and funny ! I can't wait to see these movie I most def. will be watching