Justin Lin's 'Fast & Furious' Tops Box Office

$72.5 million is a strong opening weekend. The main thing that excites me is that it's a success for a minority behind the camera.


Hippoleetoe said...

I must say it was pretty good :]

Sergio said...

Sorry I have to disagree. I thought it was AWFUL! F & F Tokyo Drift, also directed by Lin, was better. At least the races in that film were better done and the script was too

Karen said...

I haven't seen it yet but I probably will! Two words: Paul Walker.

Sergio said...

You mean the blandest, dullest guy, who leaves absolutely NO impact on the screen, currently in movies today? He makes Josh Harnett charismatic by comparison.

Karen said...

Sergio, I just watched Fast & Furious today and it was a flashy movie. Lots of cars and bravado. Paul Walker was easy on the eyes but the storyline was weak. I still enjoyed it even though it wasn't as good as the first one.

I hope Walker gets cast in some dramas because I think he has potential, he just needs a solid role to give him a chance to grow.

Have you seen Josh Hartnett in Mozart & The Whale? Definitely his best effort.

Sergio said...

And oh yeah, the movie kills off the most interesting (and HOTTEST) character in the whole film in the first ten minutes!!!!! I wanted to leave after that

Karen said...

Hehe. I wasn't expecting that either. The first ten minutes were the best!

Rain said...

I LOVE THIS MOIVE IS WAS AMAZING !! PLUS it has the highest opening weekend for *09 !!!

It was great but the lady's in the film looked older.... and let's not forget that Vin Diesel is 41 !!! but he looked and was back and better then ever. AS was PAUL WALKER =D

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