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We Shall Remain watching

Well there is at least six reasons why you should check out We Shall Remain on PBS tonight at 9 PM . . .

1. 5 Part series: "After the Mayflower," "Tecumseh's Vision," "Trail of Tears," "Geronimo" and "Wounded Knee" that all explore unique part's of Native American History.

2. Native American depiction that is inclusive of Native American input into all aspects of production.

3. A chance to learn more about history in United States from 1621 ("After the Mayflower") to 1973 ("Wounded Knee") in relation to Native Americans.

Chris Eyre (of Smoke Signals fame) directs three/five of the series ("After the Mayflower" "Tecumseh's Vision" and "Trail of Tears").

5. Creates an opportunity to create more discussion with youth and/or children about the history that they are not being taught in school classes.

6. Native men in buckskin and loincloths.

by Lisa Charleyboy of Urban Native Girl Stuff


Karen said...

Specials like this are exactly what make PBS so friggin' superior to all the junk on TV. Thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna set my DVR for it.

And #6. Lisa, what should I say. hehe.

Issa Rae said...

I saw "Wounded Knee" at a special screening two weeks ago. It was really really good and informative. It's also a sad reminder of this country's oppressive history.

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