One Movie I Can't Wait to See: 9

Last year I was on YouTube just being random and I stumbled upon a 2005 Oscar nominated short film called 9 (by Shane Acker). I loved it! Just today I got the urge to watch it again, only to find out that there's a feature length movie coming out this year!

poster for the original short film

The movie's going to be produced by Tim Burton (I support anything he's involved with) and features the voice talents of some of my favorite people: Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, and Jennifer Connelly. From what I gathered from the trailer, the movie is about the end of mankind and the beginning of a new race (the "rag doll people") that have to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that we left behind.
Here's the trailer:

and the short film:

"9" comes out 9/9/'09 and I will definitely be seeing it in theaters, it looks awesome!


Noelani said...

I saw this film on youtube last Summer and thought it was hauntingly great. I hope Hollywood doesn't flub this one.


Jacque said...

"hauntingly great"
^^That's a great way to describe it!

..and since Shane Acker, the dir. of the short film, is also the dir., writer, and art dir., of the full length movie I don't think there's any chance for Hollywood to mess it up

Karen said...

Excited! The sci-fi geek in me can't wait. And the trailer, definitely one of the best I've seen for an animated film. That music really pumps up the tone. Raises the stakes.

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