Adventures @ Comic Con

Over the weekend I attended the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan. If you've never been to a comic con before it's pretty much a bunch of celebrities from sci-fi related movies and TV shows with comic book artists piled together in a gigantic room. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think they're fun (refer to my geek post). Anyhow, I brought my camera along and now I have an idea for a documentary: "Multiculturalism at Comic Con" - which means I'll be heading to all the major comic con conventions and profiling people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Here's an official commercial for the event:

And here's my video:


Jacque said...

I want to go to a Comic Con soooo bad! Wow, I wish there were more black people least there were some.

How was it?

8thlight said...

I've never been to a comic con, but I would love to. The comic book store around the corner from me is actually owned by a black guy. Also you may want to check out the ghetto manga blog.

Issa Rae said...

LOL! I love how Brie had a "Comic Name." I want a comic name now too. I would love to hit up a Comic Con, but need to find someone to go with me :-(

Karen said...

@Jacque, the comic con was really fun! It was nice to chat with John Schneider from Smallville. I met some nice artists and interviewed some people. I even dragged one of my friends to the costume party. Good times indeed!

@8thLight, you gotta go one day. They're a little odd but interesting.

@Issa, hmm...I wonder if there's a meet-up group for blacks at the San Diego Comic Con.