JacqueRoxx's Top Five...

Superhero Movies!

So I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine this Saturday only because I wanted to see Gambit, my favorite superhero EVER! Anyway, here are my top five superhero movies because I'm in a superheroey kind of mood:

The Incredibles
Frozone is my favorite!

Spiderman 2

X2:X-men United

Iron Man
♥Robert Downey Jr...♥

Batman Returns
Directed by Tim Burton!

and I've never actually seen Blade, but I heard it's awesome!


Karen said...

Good topic. Let me think about my favs...

Renee said...

iron man was hot

Karen said...

1. Spiderman (I'm a big fan of the Peter Parker and MJ love story, plus all the cool action scenes).

2. The Dark Knight

3. X-Men 2

4. Superman

5. Underworld (Kate Beckinsale kicked butt in that movie!)

DH said...

I'd take The Dark Knight over Batman but other than that, a really solid list.

Jacque said...

Yes he was...oh, and the movie too lol
I've never seen Underworld, I need to watch more movies! I love the MJ + PP love story too. It's like a soap opera but less cheesy
@Denzel Hawke
The Dark Knight didn't really do it for me. It was a good movie though. The opening scene and the scene with the two boats were awesome!

KidNice said...

you should definitely check out blade!!!

Trista DeVries said...

Oooooohhhhhhhh. Blade. Blade is one of my favorites, although remarkably unfaithful to the comic, so I'm kind of surprised at myself. I especially loved the sequel. So I'd have to put that on there.

I would go with:

Batman Begins (yes, over TDK)
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Blade 2
Mystery Men

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