JacqueRoxx's Top Five...

...movies based on TV shows!

So Star Trek was awesomeamazingandcool as expected and it inspired me to do what I do best---make a list! This list was kind of hard for me to make because apparently I don't really watch movies based on shows and I could only think of 5 that I've actually seen. So instead of Top Five, here are my Only Five:

This movie was awesome!!! I was kind of upset that Jazz died. Hopefully he gets resurrected for the sequel..

The Rugrats Movie
I really love this movie! Babies lost in the woods with a bunch of crazy circus monkeys? Where was CPS?

Inspector Gadget
A lot of people didn't like this movie, but I do! First of all, it's Disney! Secondly, I want Mathew Broderick to be my bff. He just looks like the type that I could make friendship bracelets with.

The Blues Brothers
Yeah, I've mentioned this movie before, but it's awesome I can't help it. My favorite scene when they go to church and James Brown is the pastor. Awesome!

Star Trek
Did I mention it was awesomeamazingandcool? Zoe Saldana is my new favorite actress!

Hmm, am I the only one who has trouble thinking of movies based on TV shows?


Karen said...

Tough list, only a couple other movies come to mind and they're based off Disney Channel shows! So that means...Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire (and yes, I saw both of them in theaters with my Disney-loving friends).

Jacque said...

OooH! How could I forget Lizzie McGuire? I love that movie!

Was Hannah Montana good? It looked like a cute movie, but I have this unexplained "thing" against Miley Cyrus...

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