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Breaking Upwards

I might see this film at the Detroit Windsor Film Fest later on today. Did anyone catch it at SXSW?

Breaking Upwards is about a young New York couple who intricately strategize their own break up.

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Karen said...

So I saw the film and it was okay. The concept was cute but the pace was a little too slow. Olivia Thirlby was in it but she had a small part.

Anonymous said...

Karen is clearly an idiot. This was one of the most fast paced romcom's from the indie 20-something generation I have seen in some time. Have you seen Hannah Takes the Stairs Karen? Or any other mumblecore movie. Thank god this is not that. this is well crafted and well written. BU was slick and amazingly real and smart. it is one of the best films i have seen in a while. fo show. so happy it came here.

Jacque said...

Um Karen is the writer of this blog and she's not an idiot for stating her opinion on HER OWN BLOG. When you start a blog, you can write your own snarky critique.

Karen said...


hehe. Compared to Hannah Takes the Stairs Breaking Upwards is "fast." I'll give you that. I didn't say I hated the movie or anything. It had its cute moments and I appreciated the filmmakers creativity. It actually made me want to see more of Zoe Lister-Jones' films. The beginning and end were charming it's just that the whole middle part that dragged on a bit. If they would have cut some scenes from there it could have been great!

I don't bash movies on this site and I'll take an "okay" indie film with a fun soundtrack and some quirky characters over a cookie-cutter film studio any day! ;)