Reshma Shetty on 'Royal Pains'

The USA network added a new summer show to its schedule called Royal Pains. It's about an unfairly disgraced doctor who relocates to the Hamptons to become a doctor of the celebs. Newcomer Reshma Shetty plays his physician's assistant.

Here's an interesting interview I found via Daemons TV where she talks about her role.

"...being an Indian actress, lots of our roles are the same, a little bit. You're either playing the nerd or you're playing a doctor. And it's starting to vary more, but you kind of get stuck a little bit in ruts."


"We went through a period of time when if you were of Asian descent, you would play a terrorist or you would play the 7-Eleven guy or you would play that. And then really watch television now. You have Sendhil [Ramamurthy] who's on Heroes. Then you have Parminder Nagra on ER, who's smart and quirky and fun. And, you know, on The L Word, the lady who plays the Latino girl is Indian, too. And it's starting that it doesn't matter. It's just that our culture's part of who we are, so we can show people a little bit of that. But we're also just us, and I think that's the cool part. Basically Divya is interesting because she is a really strong woman, and I do not necessarily have to be Indian to play her.

A couple of the shows she mentioned aren't on TV anymore but hopefully we'll see more Indians getting cast in diverse roles.

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