Bright Star

Abbie Cornish is one of my picks for The Film Experience's Actress Psychic Contest , which is basically a fun game Nathaniel hosts on his blog to see who can pick the most Oscar-nominated actresses far before any of the Oscar buzz begins. And come September, Cornish is still very much in the race. Not only is Bright Star getting buzz for its leading lady, the film's director Jane Campion is being mentioned as a strong contender for best director so things are looking good for this film.

If you've ever considered yourself a poet at heart then this film is for you.


MrRed2020 said...

One of the best dramas I’ve seen all year! The cast was amazing, and the music haunting. You should check out the film Bright Star’s official site, where they’ve announced the Love Letter Contest. Those who enter will have to submit a hand-made love letter or love tweet for their chance to win two unique diamonds from A Diamond Is Forever. Find more details here:
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