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Once is full of beauty, heart, and amazing music. It's a Cinderella story for indie filmmakers everywhere (it won an Oscar). So please tell me you've seen it! If not, add it to the top of your Netflix queue, rent it a video store or buy the DVD. However you chose to view it watch it ASAP. That's how essential it is.

If you're already a fan, share some of your favorite scenes and songs. What makes this movie special to you?


Anne. said...

"Falling Slowly" of course!

Karen said...

That's such an amazing song!

Anonymous said...

Love the movie but the soundtrack. Oh, the lovely soundtrack. Although the entire cd is amazing my two faves are Leave and When your minds made up. Both are freaking amazing.

Anonymous said...

I saw The Swell Season in concert and they are simply outstanding.

Karen said...

Lucky you! They're definitely on my list of bands I'd like to see in concert. I can only imagine how cool it must of been.

Film Gurl said...

I have seen it. It was one of those movies I didn't know much about - my friend told me we just had to see it.
I really did enjoy the music and the storytelling through music, I even went out and bought the CD afterwards! :)

wall art said...

I think the best song is the one from the music store if I remember correctly, only seen this once.

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