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An Education

I've been hearing a lot of Oscar buzz regarding this film, mostly about Carey Mulligan's performance. I really hope it lives up to the hype because I haven't seen an Anne Hathaway Rachel Getting Married type performance yet. And I'm so ready for the all hoopla over potential best actress nominees to begin.

For those of you who caught An Education at a festival chime in with your opinion. The rest of us have to wait until October 9th when it opens in limited theaters.


Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Rachel Getting Married when I was watching it at the local art house before the movie really took off. I am looking forward to see the Education film to see if that is Oscar worth.

Andrew K. said...

I really hope Carey Mulligan smashes this...the two reviews I've heard so far say she's good.

Karen said...

Same with me, Rachel Getting Married completely wooed me last year and I was full force behind Hathaway getting an Oscar nom.

Let's hope that Mulligan's performance blows us away when we finally see it!

Sergio said...

I saw the film two weeks ago and it's good, but I wasn't bowled over by it. The strongest appeal with be with young girls 16-20 years old. In other words it's a total chick flick. Mulligan is quite good, but I was actually more impressed with Peter Saargard who does an absoulutely spot on English accent (which is very hard for Amercian actors to do0 and especially Alfred Molina who steals the film as Mulligan's father in the

Karen said...

Most of the glowing reviews I've read were written by guys. Here's what Roger Ebert said the film:

"It has long been said that opening night at Toronto represents opening day of the Academy Award season. Waiting for the curtain to raise, who looks like a sure thing for nomination? Carey Mulligan from "An Education," I'd say. The scenes in Paris will remind you of Audrey Hepburn."

As for Peter Saargard, he impressed me in Shattered Glass and Garden State. For a film that's getting Oscar buzz I'm pretty sure his performance will be enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Brendy Sax said...

I have seen this play and it is awesome! Anna Hathaway nailed it!