The Valet (La doublure)

In the mood for a fun French film? Check out The Valet. It's a romantic comedy about an average guy who gets pulled into an elaborate scheme to help a rich man and a model avoid tabloid scandal. It's cute where it needs to be cute and silly when it needs to be silly. Plus Kristin Thomas Scott has a small part.

For fans of... Notting Hill and The Seat Filler


Action Flick Chick said...

It looks like a fun movie and I do like Notting Hill so I might have to check this out sometime.

Margaret said...

I loved this movie! If you like this one you might like Priceless. The same guy is in it with Audrey Tautou

deb said...

Looks like a funny and cute French Film. Need to see one of those movies.

Karen said...

That's a good recommendation! Audrey Tautou has a bunch of impressive films.