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Fans of "The Fempire"

Remember that article the NY Times wrote earlier this year about The Fempire? You know, the one about Diablo Cody and her screenwriting buddies Dana Fox, Liz Meriwether and Lorene Scafaria.

So what are they up to now?

Let's go down the list...

Dana Fox (What Happens in Vegas) - was a co-writer on Couples Retreat alongside Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. I had no idea that she was part of the mix until I did a quick Google search. She also co-wrote a script called Knight & Day that is is currently being filmed starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. She has some other scripts in development including How to Get Divorced by 30.

Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer's Body) - she's the head writer for The United States of Tara (Toni Collette won an Emmy for the role) and she'll be doing a film adpatation of Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High.

Liz Meriwether (she's the newbie of the group) - she made Variety's list of "10 Screenwriters to Watch." Her script Fuck Buddies has Natalie Portman attached and she has an action movie in development with Paramount that is set to center on not one but TWO female leads.

"People want to put women in one box and I'm interested in how women can be everything at once. She can be a slut who wants to fall in love, or she can party too much, but she's still very smart. I want to expand the vocabulary."

Lorene Scafaria (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) - not only does she write, she sings. She had a song play during the end credits of Whip It called "28" - you can check her music at but back to screenwriting...according to IMDb she has four projects in development including Seeking a Friend for the End of the World that has her attached as director.

Now onto more geeky things...who wants to start a fansite for the Fempire? The whole concept of writers banding together to have fun and encourage each other is pretty neat, especially female screenwriters because it seems like there are so few.

I know that there are some of you who have wicked good fandom skills that could go all Twilight-Mom crazy on a subject. So create a Facebook group or something!

I can't be the only one eagerly awaiting their next projects. So if you already know of a fansite or if you create one I'll link it on here.

UPDATE 2/2/10 - I found a Fempire Fansite called 
UPDATE 3/14/11 is now called


Noelani said...

I loved Juno but I'm not haven't seen the other writers' work. I have to look them up. Good luck with your Fempire Fandom. I love that name, it's cool.

Karen said...

If you're a big concert goer (I am) check out Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist next. Then see Jennifer's Body in theaters. Good stuff. I saw What Happens in Vegas with my sis, didn't know that the writers were connected until that Times article, cool stuff indeed!

Viva la Fempire Fandom. hehe.

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