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Angelina Jolie kicks some government butt in Salt, an action thriller about a CIA agent who may or may not be a double spy. A couple noteworthy supporting cast members include Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights) and Zoe Lister Jones (Breaking Upwards, Arranged). Hopefully they get some quality screen time. Anyhow, here's the much anticipated trailer...

In theaters July 21, 2010


Unknown said...

Seems very interesting. Is salt guilty or inocent? Glad Jolie got the role not cruise.

Karen said...

Yes, more Jolie and less Cruise. hehe. I enjoy her action movies better, dramatic roles too!

Unknown said...

Don't know anything about the movie but if Jolie is in it I won't be seeing it. That woman is arrogance personified.

Karen said...

Oh well, I'll be watching it opening weekend!

deb said...

Is Jolie a female Bourne (lol).Action and fast with a suspense story. Looks good!!

P.S. Arrogant( will are all flawed )

Action Flick Chick said...

A female focused action movie? I am there!

Daryle Lockhart said...

I'm there opening weekend, because the effects and sound will be on overdrive.

Plus, Chiwetel!

I yawned a little over the "Russian Spy" thing, though. In 2010? Do we really still care about Russian spies?

Karen said...

Yeah, the Russian spy storyline is a little old. Who should the movie spies be?

Tony W. said...

Looks promising. A unique story w/circumstance powerful enough to push Jolie to give a deep character portrayal.
Most likely I'll check it out next summer.

Rain said...

I've been waiting for this movie. Looks very interesting can't wait to see it! She's a great actress that does a lot of good in world =D

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