Keeping Up Appearances

Hyacinth Bucket is the epitome of pretentious and it's oh so funny.

She goes to the extreme (and drags her docile husband along) as she comes up with all kinds of wacky schemes to become the wealthy woman she tries to make everyone see her as. It's hilarious! Even though it came out in the 90s it's the best British sitcom I've seen.

Keeping Up Appearances is available on Netflix and comes on PBS in the States.

Here's a couple clips:


Daniel said...

Wow, so funny that you posted this. I thought I was the only person who'd ever seen it. I used to watch it (reruns, I would imagine, even back then) at odd hours on PBS in the 90's. Absolutely hilarious show that has stuck with me for years. Thanks for resurrecting it - I should check out some episodes on Netflix!

deb said...

Funny funny stuff...I used to watch this show with my daughter when she was younger. We would laugh and laugh,brings back good memories. I need to get this on dvd... so next time she's home we can have good laugh with Mrs.Bucket .=) lol

Karen said...

Yes! I'm glad other people appreciate the comedy of this show. It's so much fun!

Drawtist_P said...

I love this comedy! Guaranteed stitches every time I watch it. :D

Anonymous said...

Not much for British humor . This show is really funny.

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