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According to Greta

The Hilary Duff and Evan Ross movie I wrote about here and here finally opens in theaters this weekend. It's on a limited showcase in Los Angeles but hopefully it will roll out on more screens. The supporting cast features Ellen Burstyn and Melissa Leo.

A young suicidal and rebellious teen gets sent to her grandparents for the summer where life takes an unexpected turn.

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George P. said...

Hey there. Just watched "According to Greta" and I was really surprised how much I liked it. It's very well put together (editing, music, animated scene transition sequences) and the cast does well with their roles, especially Hilary Duff, Evan Ross, and Ellen Burstyn. I hope it does well in it's LA-run so that it can expand to more theaters in the coming weeks.

darci said...

This movie was so good – I think Hilary Duff can use it as a springboard to launch into more mature roles. She never over-acted, which I think a lot of young actors tend to do whenever they start playing more serious characters. Kudos to her. Ellen Burstyn was terrific as the grandma, too.

I also really love the song “I Wanna Die” by Jolie Holland and I was so happy to hear it during the opening credits…what a great mood-setter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo, who cares =D

Kindest regards