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Notable New Releases This Week

A bit late, this column will usually run on Tuesdays.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The only movie series in history that actually gets better as it continues. As the story has progressed the films have become much darker and the dramatic stakes have been raised considerably. With these last two films, director David Yates has done a great job of keeping the series emotionally grounded in the midst of the stellar visual effects. If you have been watching these characters from the beginning, this film will definitely break your heart.

World's Greatest Dad
One of my favorite surprises of the year. It's hilariously wrong, incredibly filthy, and unexpectedly emotional. Robin Williams gives his best performance in years. Amazing soundtrack as well.

Public Enemies
This isn't the in depth portrayal of Dillinger I was expecting from Michael Mann. It plays more like a TV pilot version of the story, giving you only the broad strokes of all the characters they set up. It is still worth watching for the great performances by Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard.


Julie & Julia
Haven't seen this one yet, but I love the two leads so I recommend it blindly. It's the kind of movie you curl up with on a rainy day, preferably with some good food.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season
My favorite show on TV right now. A must have for re-watching and discovering clues. This season features time travel, hydrogen bombs, and Jacob flashbacks. Only downside is the extras are on the slim side, with only two commentaries and a few featurettes this time.


Candice Frederick said...

i was actually unimpressed by both Public Enemies and Julie & Julia. But Julie & Julia was quite delectable, and Johnny Depp is always spot on.

Karen said...

Josh said it nicely Public Enemies only gave us "the broad strokes of all the characters they set up." I wanted more! But it was still a fun watch, especially the movie theater scene.

Clarabela said...

I enjoyed Julie & Julia. Meryl Streep was wonderful as usual. I will rent Public Enemies. I am sure it will be worth watching just for Johnny Depp's performance.