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Awkwardly Cute Awards

Highlighting the best "awkwardly cute" moments in TV, film and webisodes.

Since it's awards season, I decided to come up with my own batch of awards Reel Artsy style. Nothing major, no big dinners or red carpets just me appreciating some of my favorite movies, actors, writers and directors that provided some blogworthy scenes and stories in 2009.

There's no structed order, I have a few set catergories but if you think of something I should add let me know!

Josh created the nifty graphic pictured above, I think it does justice to the whole awkwardly cute vibe.

First category: 

Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart  
Adventureland  - This movie is loaded with awkwardly cute moments and the best are when Eisenberg's character, James, is embarrassing himself in front of Em.

Michael Cera & Charlyne Yi
Paper Heart - Any movie starring Michael Cera gets an automatic entry into the Awkwardly Cute awards. He's like our unofficial cover boy.

Amanda Seyfried & Johnny Simmons
Jennifer's Body - There's the sex scene and the scene where Needy tells Chip that "she's evil...and not just high school evil."  Cute. Awkwardly cute. 

Joesph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel
500 Days of Summer - The kiss in the copy room, the make-believe in Ikea and the yelling in the park best describe Tom and Summer's relationship. Undeniably sweet!

    More to come...
    • Awkwardly Cute TV Moments
    • Awkwardly Cute Scene of the Year
    • And other randomness!