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Soundtrack Review - The Book of Eli

Atticus Ross makes his feature film debut with a haunting and atmospheric score. Ross incorporates electronic elements within a classical sound to create the sonic landscapes of the Hughes Brothers' post-apocalyptic world. Creepy electro-blips permeate throughout the score creating an off-kilter sense of threat. 

"Panoramic" starts things off with an epic theme that effectively uses synthesizers to create a somber yet hopeful motif. This mood is reflected throughout the diverse album. Ross often employs low-key vocals and tribal drums ("Outland", "The Journey"). There is some ominous brass linked to the villainous characters ("Amen", "Convoy Destruct"). The action scenes dip into industrial rock ("The Convoy"). "Solara Violated" uses sparse sound design to make an uncomfortable scene even more powerful. There are also more traditional tracks like the simple piano melodies on "Human" and "The Passenger". "Carnegie's Demise" rumbles along with an unsettling assortment of baritone sounds. It's not all gloom though, sentimental strings frame "Blind Faith" and the hopeful closer "The Purpose". 

It is one of the more original scores I have heard and is one of my favorite aspects of the film. Ross previously worked on Nine Inch Nails albums, including the Grammy-nominated instrumental Ghosts. He wrote the score with his wife, Claudia Sarne, and brother, Leopold Ross. This marks his third collaboration with the Hughes Brothers, having also scored their TV show Touching Evil and their segment of New York, I Love You

The soundtrack is currently available on Reprise Records as well as iTunes [which offers a deluxe edition with four bonus tracks] and will be released on 2LP vinyl on Feb 23rd. I highly recommend it, especially if you're a fan of NIN or electronic music.

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Nice review, Now I must listen to the soundtrack.