TV Tonight - Smallville: Absolute Justice

If you're a fan of sci-fi and superheroes then this is one epsiode you don't want to miss. The Justice League comes to life on Smallville tonight. This isn't particularly "artsy" but it's still one of my favorite TV shows.

After you watch, share your thoughts!

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HouariB said...

I've seen it. As you know I am really not a fan of smallville.
I've seen it this sunday and i slept the first part (really slept) when I get up I was surprised it was not ended. When I found out it was a double episode, I restart it, and I can say I enjoyed the second part (as much I do for a smallville) but the first one was really boring. You know I was a fan of james masters in buffy but in smallville he was so ... smallville. Michael Shanks was a little better in that character.

ps: I really advise you to watch the movie time traveler's wife. In one month I've watch it 5 times.