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Fashion Inspired by Zooey Deschanel/Summer Finn

Who doesn't love indie queen Zooey Deschanel? Zooey's style is a refreshing change of pace from the provocative and homogenously "trendy" looks that dominate our culture. Zooey's quirky, vintage, sweetly feminine look is a source of inspiration for me and many other girls who don't want to walk around in Ugg boots and cutoff miniskirts.

To recreate Zooey's style, dress up a little. You're not going to catch Zooey out in sweats or a ratty tee shirt. Zooey's wardrobe choices enhance her natural beauty instead of showing off her body. However, opting for more conservative outfits doesn't mean you'll have any less fun with it. Choose pieces that are visually intriguing and accessorize with vintage jewelry and fun hairpieces. Zooey has an affinity for tights which can also add some pop to an otherwise simple ensemble. Here's something I put together that was partially inspired by Zooey's folk duo She & Him's music video for their song "In the Sun."

If you're reading this blog, I'm willing to bet you've seen (500) Days of Summer. Zooey's character Summer Finn exhibits similar fashion choices to what Zooey wears in real life only more affordable and typical of a working woman. In an interview with Hope Hanafin, the costume designer for the movie, she expresses that she put painstaking care into ensuring that Summer's wardrobe be believable in that it is something a young secretary in LA would actually wear. You can read more here. Also in the interview, Hanafin says that blue is Summer's color exclusively. Throughout the movie, Summer is almost always wearing some shade of blue, usually light blue or navy.

To recreate Summer's style, start shopping at thrift stores and vintage shops. Again, lean toward the conservative side and create visual interest with patterns, ruffles and detailing instead of with super tight or revealing clothes. Be creative with hairstyles. Summer wears hers up and down, wavy and straight. And finally, you don't have to confine yourself to blue, obviously, but a true Summer tribute will have some in it. Here's an example I cooked up.

So what if your style is more edgy and rock'n'roll? Or what if you're a dude? Do not despair. I've got ideas for you, too in upcoming weeks, so stay posted.


Anonymous said...

Nice commentary, Ashley! I appreciate the reference to working women through Summer's style. Thanks for a great article!

Karen said...

Cute outfits! The style in 500 Days of Summer is classic. That film is relevant in so many ways yet simple enough to become a future TCM favorite.

Clarabela said...

Zooey has such a unique style. She is one of a kind.

deb said...

Nice !!!

Anonymous said...

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- Henry

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