Donald Glover as Spiderman #donald4spiderman

Since Reel Artsy is the unofficial headquarters for all things quirky and multicultural I just wanted to chime in that I approve the #donald4spiderman campaign that started on Twitter. Sci-fi blog io9 sparked the fire with their article "The Last Thing Spiderman Should Be Is Another White Guy" and the momentum picked up from there.

Donald tweeted "I don’t want to just be given the role. I want to be able to audition. I truly love Spider-Man."

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Three Reasons Why Glover Should Be Considered for Spiderman:

 1. He's awkwardly cute. - Peter Parker is the geeky journalist who's cute in a nerdy way. Glover could totally nail that vibe. And he's already got the glasses.

2. He's on a hit TV show. - Community is one of the best comedies to hit the small screen and Glover is part the mix.
3. It's 2010! - Why not? Wouldn't it be cool to see Stan Lee standing next to Glover as Peter Parker in his usual cameo. Ch-ch-changes. 

Join the #donald4spiderman Facebook fan page.


Ashley said...

I support this 100%. There is nothing inherently white about Peter Parker's character, and Donald should at least be given an audition. He is just as qualified as the other considerations for the role.

Karen said...


deb said...

Kool stuff = )

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