Los Angeles Film Fest (Tonight's Picks)

The SXSW hit Tiny Furniture comes to the Los Angeles Film Fest this evening. Tiny Furniture is about "an awkward film studies grad who leaves the shelter of her Ohio art school after her hippie boyfriend leaves to seek his destiny." 7pm at Regal Cinemas including a Q&A with writer/director/actress Lena Dunham.

In a retro mood? Watch an outdoor screening of Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Madonna in all her 80s glory. 8:30pm at 7th & Fig  (Ernst Young Plaza) including a Q&A with Rosanna Arquette.

If you're a mumblecore fan you'll want to catch Aaron Katz's Cold Weather about "a self-styled Sherlock Holmes who leads an unlikely team of irregulars in this charming comic mystery." 10pm at the Downtown Independent theater including a Q&A with Katz, producer Brendan McFadden and actor Raul Castillo.

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