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Diablo Cody's Talk Show: Red Band Trailer

Diablo Cody is genius in an Oscar-winning, snarky, Airstream-loving way. Now she's lining up some of her rad friends (Adam Brody, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman, etc.) for her new web series talk show called Red Band Trailer. Below is the first episode where things get quirky "a la Kristen Stewart..."

I've compiled a list of the Top 3 people Cody should interview next...

1. Felicia Day - Day writes and stars in the most popular web show (The Guild) and it just seems like a cool fit.

2. Zach Gilford - Cody mentioned via Twitter that she's a fan of Friday Night Lights and in particular Zach Gilford's powerful performance in the latest season. It just makes sense to score him for a trailer interview.

3. Michael Cera - Umm, duh.

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