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Review - Oceana 'Love Supply'

In the recent retro-soul revolution a few standouts have emerged and German singer Oceana can be added to that list. Her debut album overflows with pop perfections, combining a mix of musical styles with brutally honest lyrics. Single "Cry Cry" uses a simple piano bounce and hand claps to tell a story of lost hope. The title track bursts with soulful energy over funk horns and a catchy drum beat. Her version of a ballad is certainly bittersweet ("Fucked Up Situation"). She pulls off reggae ("He Says", "Baby Hold On") and modern R&B ("Bad Boy") with equal ease. "Lala" is a fantastic candy-coated throwback to 60's pop and hip-hop beats drive "Upside Down". The down-tempo closer "You Need A Hug" is sweet but also features lyrics like 'it's not my fault you made the choice to be somebody's bitch'. It's a great album that also marks the arrival of a new talent to watch. It is currently available on iTunes and will be released domestically on July 27th.

For fans of: V.V. Brown, Amy Winehouse, Etta James


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