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Foxes! Dare to do What Others Dream Of

I went to a really fun event last week at the The Cinefamily the venue (also known as the Silent Movie Theater). I hope that most of you in L.A. know about this great place.

The night sleepover party themed. The main event was a double feature of a film released in 1980 called Foxes, which starred Jodie Foster, features a teenage skateboarding Scott Baio, and a creepy cradle robbing Randy Quaid.

There was complimentary wine provided by Bear Flag Winery and delicious gelato from Paciugo.

This trailer does not do justice at all to the insane campy brilliance of this film's dialog.


If your parents bought you cigarettes as a teenager. If you ever got mixed up with a tranny named Burt. If you have ever gone toe-to-toe with a pimp on the boulevard. If you love Donna Summers or if you love the movie "Nowhere" by Gregg Araki even half as much as I do. This movie is a must.