Roger Ebert Gets New 'At The Movies' Show on PBS

In January 2011 PBS will launch Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies that features Kim Morgan of Sunset Gun alongside other noteworthy movie critics (Christy Lemire, Elvis Mitchell and Omar Moore). 

Ebert would be the Red Ranger in this scenario, leading his team of Mighty Morphin Movie Critics on new adventures of intellectual movie talk about mainstream, independent and classic films. As someone who grew up watching At The Movies with Siskel & Ebert (then Ebert & Roeper) this is good news. His "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" brand will live on and hopefully attract new fans.

For more info visit Ebert's blog post.

And here's a promo of the upcoming show:


Tom said...

I think I would enjoy this show, but I liked the one-on-one banter of the old format too.

Karen said...

Yeah, I'll miss the old banter but I'm looking forward to the new stuff as well. Especially Kim Morgan's segment.

Anonymous said...

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