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Download This - Neako 'LOUDpack 2: HIGHlights'

Have featured rapper/producer Neako on the site before and he is definitely a name you wanna remember. He just dropped his latest mixtape today. Hit the link if you like good music.



Anonymous said...

A very honest little film from England’s BBC – tells the real story of a black photographer caught up in 1985.
The 1985 Handsworth Riots, UK- Pogus Caesar – BBC1 TV . Inside Out.
Broadcast 25 Oct 2010.
Black History UK: In 1985 racial tension and community discontentment escalated into the historical Handsworth riots that rocked Birmingham, England between 9th – 11th September 1985.
Birmingham film maker and photographer Pogus Caesar knows Handsworth, Birmingham in Great Britain well. He found himself in the centre of the riots and spent two days capturing a series of startling images. Caesar kept them hidden for 20 years. Why? And how does he see Handsworth now?.
The stark black and white photographs featured in the film provide a rare, valuable and historical record of the raw emotion, heartbreak and violence that unfolded during those dark and fateful days in September 1985.

Migi Mega Entertainment said...

The person who says we cannot buy happiness with money it means that he dont know where to shop for happiness.

Aamir shahzad said...

"I was asshamed when i saw my shoes till i have seen another person having no feet". A great thing.

Everyone is interested in going to heaven, but till now I have found none who wants to die.