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Trailer - Win Win

One of my favorite writer/directors is Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor). He makes fantastic character studies that stay with you. His third film stars Paul Giamatti as a high school wrestling coach who ends up looking after a runaway teen. Looks great and I think McCarthy will definitely transcend the typical sports movie cliches. It was a hit at Sundance and got picked up by Fox Searchlight. Opens March 18th.


Steph said...

This looks really good! I liked The Visitor a lot, and I have head great things about The Station Agent. If I didn't know anything about the director, based on the premise, I'd be afraid Win Win would be sentimental and cliched.

Migi Mega Entertainment said...

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Aamir shahzad said...

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Jhon Viginia said...

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Film Gurl said...

Looks interesting, nice looking find! :)

Kevin said...

Absolutely fantastic film. Review's up at Awkward is What We Aim For:

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