Mariages! (2004)

[Editor's Note: This is the first review from our latest French contributor Marc Omeyer]

In a charming little village in the south of France, on a sunny week end, all is set for the mariage of Johanna and Benjamin. Both young and charming. All is going to be fine, the kind of perfect ceremony every girl dreams of. Nothing must break the romantic atmosphere of this wonderful moment. Nothing. Except the best man, Jean Dujardin. Has he forgotten the rings? What about discovering his wife having an affair at the very moment he should go on stage for his congrats speech?

While all goes out of control, in an exhilirating twister of wonderfully written scenes, the two young lovers will face the tornado of hopes, delusions, revelations and bitterness of everyone around them. Will they find their own way to love? Will they marry at all, with the full understanding of what it takes to engage oneself on this adventurous trip?

Besides a brilliant cast of some of the best French actors, Mariages! is a movie you'll want to see again. Great lines, beautiful characters and a perfect pace. Writer and director Valérie Guignabodet offers French romantic comedy at its best. A wildly comic, acid and meaningful observation of men and women confronted to love, sex, time and truth.

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By Marc Omeyer. French-and-friendly screenwriter, movies lover, blogger, passionate thinker and coach. Would have loved a script by Einstein, or the theories of Wilder on quantum mechanics. Life is a movie, love is a smile. Blog: Les histoires font la loi Twitter: @marc_omeyer


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