Subtle Core Spotlight: 3 Things Happening in Black Cinema's #SubtleCore

Congratulations are in order!

1. Big Sundance Win -  Ava DuVernay was honored with a Best Directing award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for her film Middle of Nowhere. Her sophomore film tells the story of a woman dealing with the heart-break of a distant husband.

2. Last Fall at SXSW - Matthew A. Cherry's feature film debut The Last Fall was accepted at the upcoming SXSW film festival. Some of you may recall him from Ava's GUEST POST on Reel Artsy where she highlighted her "5 Favorites."

3. Cinema in Noir - Over the weekend I was a guest on Cinema in Noir's weekly podcast where I chatted about "the rise of Black Cinema's Subtle Core." I've embedded the episode below.

Also, I created a Subtle Core 101 list on Twitter so you can stay updated with the conversation in real-time. Use the #SubtleCore hashtag to add your voice to the mix. Relevant comments and links will be retweeted.

If you're new to the movement check out PART ONE of my spotlight on Black Cinema's Subtle Core. 


Candice Frederick said...

i love this movement!

Kimberly Renee said...

I am REALLY looking forward to "Middle of Nowhere" and "The Last Fall." I looked up "Alaskaland" and it seems like it is definitely a part of the subtle core movement. What a cool moment in black film.

deb said...

BRAVO !!!!

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