Subtle Core Spotlight: Dijon Talton

Looking back on Ava DuVernay's seminal indie film I Will Follow I'm reminded of all sorts of things. Like Dijon Talton's supporting role. That scene where he shares pizza with Salli Richardson-Whitfield's character and they bond over their favorite rap artists. That scene almost feels like a prelude to the work DuVernay would do with her Apple iTunes commercials (featuring Kerry Washington & Taraji P. Henson). Back on topic, Talton and Whitfield had this moment, ever so subtle where they connected beautifully and you felt it. The pain, the happiness, the sadness, the loneliness... The wonderful spectrum of emotion that DuVernay crafted was there, as it was in every scene of I Will Follow. Which brings me to main my point: Dijon Talton needs a starring role in his own Subtle Core type film. I'd love to see him work with Duvernay again, but there are so many wonderful filmmakers in the Subtle Core movement that he could shine in any of their projects.

So... Who should be his co-star? My vote is for Ashley Blaine. She had a nice supporting role in Dear White People, but she really showcased her range in the web series Hello Cupid. She was cute, funny, and vulnerable. Basically, she has all the right ingredients to be a lead actress in the indie scene. Pairing Blaine and Talton would be smart, and interesting, and it could really bring something fresh to the silver screen.

So... Who could direct such a film? Of course, we want Ava DuVernay to direct everything. Her name pops up in almost every "black film" related project as a dream director. But may I lead you to Tanya Hamilton. Her debut film Night Catches Us was not lost on me. I appreciate the Subtle Core performances she brought to the screen with Kerry Washington and Anthony Mackie. I know she could craft something beautiful, heartfelt and poignant for Dijon Talton and Ashley Blaine.


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