Reel Artsy Men - JJ (Tattoo Artist)

Men's fashion photography is one of my passions. That's why I've created The Reel Artsy Men section on I will spotlight stylish guys who showcase a unique brand of cool. First up... JJ, a tattoo artist based out of Metro Detroit.

My name is Josiah Johnson and I've been tattooing since 2008. I've been drawing since I could lift a pencil and tattooing is my calling. I've been working at B'z Ink since the start of my career and take pride in the work and attention we provide to reach client. I specialize in black and grey realism and neo traditional designs. I'm excited to see where tattooing will take me and am thankful for all the clients who have supported me and my work over the years.

Favorite movies: 

1. The Last Minute
2. Blade Runner
3. American Psycho

My favorite tattoo is the blue bird on my neck. It's for my father. His name is Jay, and my grandmother called him Jay-bird. 

One of my favorite tattoos I've done over the years has to be the Gladiator I tattoed on a body builders ribs. It was a cover up of an old tattoo that said "strength."

I like to think that I give off this bad boy tattoo artist vibe, but I'm a total nerd at heart. I build computers, and work on motorcycles. I tattoo, and the go home and watch Dragon Ball Z. It's a strange combination of rebel and geek.

B'z Ink is located at
 16550 21 Mile Road, Macomb MI. (Approximately 40 minutes north of Detroit)


Unknown said...

JJ did my half sleeve. His art is amazing his attention to detail is even more amazing!

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