Reel Artsy Men - Justin Sansom (Model)

Some men know exactly who they are. Justin Sansom is one of those men... Confident, well-dressed, friendly and artistic, he exudes a kind of cool that makes fun to be around. He showed up to our photo shoot completely ready, and from the first snap he was fiercely in-tune with his inner creativity and fierceness. He wanted to showcase his love for music, and he brought the concept to life quite perfectly. Here's a look at Justin, and his style profile in his own words for Reel Artsy Men - 

[The Fashion of Music] 

My name is Justin Sansom, more socially known as Model Chief Jay. I have been modeling for about 4 years now, and I absolutely love it. I started modeling when I was a freshman in college, by participating in fashion shows. From then on, I stepped into Print Modeling and developed a passion for it.

Photography is a method of self-expression; you get to experiment with different concepts and ideas. Modeling has helped break a lot of the insecurities and self-esteem issues I’ve carried through life.

My personal style is very interchangeable; I’ll be in love with a vintage outfit one day, and a slim fit suit the next. I also LOVE changing my hair styles. Some days, I’ll rock the man bun and others I’ll embrace my humongous afro! I would love to pursue print modeling with hopes of modeling for magazines, clothing manufacturers and e-commerce websites!

Top 5 Favorite Movies:

1. What’s Love Got To Do With It
2. Bridesmaids
3. Premonition
4. The Wood
5. Love & Basketball

You can follow Justin's modeling journey on Instagram & Twitter at: @ModelChiefJay


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