Reel Artsy Lansing - James Gardin Concert

Raw, thought-provoking and full of vulnerability. James Gardin offers an emotionally-stirring live performance at the Robin Theatre in Lansing, Michigan. His album, I Probably Wrote This While Crying resonates deeply with matters of the heart, and captures a brilliant snapshot of the happy/sad moments of life during pandemic, and leaves the audience with a well-mapped out journey of hope and beauty through the tattered quest of finding true self love and acceptance. It’s the perfect moody soundtrack to usher you through the dark days of winter that gently reminds you that brighter times are to come.

Melissa Carter was the opener for Gardin. Her soulful “Solo” vibes were complimentary to the artistry of the night. Carter and Gardin shared the stage on a track where Carter skillfully brought the crowd alive with her delicious honey-soaked vocals that reverberated in the small but packed venue. You’ll want to add James Gardin and Melissa Carter to your Ones To Watch list. 

Instagram: @ JamesGardinMusic


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