Reel Artsy Wellness Spotlight: Shauntelle Says Podcast

Shauntelle Says
is one of the best wellness podcasts! 

To kick off Reel Artsy Wellness, I'd like like to spotlight something, and someone, that is near to my heart-- my best friend: Shauntelle Boyer. She is a screenwriter, producer, breathwork and meditation coach; and a wellness advocate for Black, Indigenous and POC mental health. In her podcast, Shauntelle Says, the central theme focuses on the power and beauty of "returning home" to yourself. 

Episodes include special guests from the wellness industry, along with a Q&A segment, and an overall wealth of deeply meaningful and encouraging words that explore and help listeners cultivate wellness within through spiritual and emotional practices of well-being.

You can check out Shauntelle Says on Apple, Spotfiy, and Anchor.FM, pretty much anywhere podcasts are available. Enjoy truly divine listening experience crafted as "a space for millennials who are returning home to themselves, through self love, radical healing, and consciousness."

Follow Shauntelle on Instagram @Shauntelle__Boyer

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