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Canada's Got 'Soul'

A noteworthy Canadian TV show is on the horizon called Soul. It stars pop R&B singer Keshia Chante as a Gospel choir member looking for a big break.

"Soul is a six-part drama premiering on February 11th on VisionTV. Mahalia is at a crossroads. She loves the church, she loves God...but she also has a musical gift that she wants to share with the whole world. Can she have it all? Can she be spiritual in a material world? Soul follows her struggle to answer this question."

The premise isn't groundbreaking but how the story unfolds could be quite fascinating. I'm curious to see how a predominately black church is portrayed by Canadians and how it mirrors or differs from the black American experience.

For all my Canadian readers feel free to chime in on the state of black cinema (and minority cinema) in your region. Is the Canadian industry full of diversity? Or is it pretty much on par with Hollywood?

Official Website: (with links to Facebook & YouTube)
For Fans of...The Gospel and Fighting Temptations


Karen said...

...And kudos for anyone who spotted some familar faces in the trailer.

Issa Rae said...

Did you know that Keisha Chante will also being playing Aaliyah in her upcoming biopic?

Issa Rae said...

hmm, you just inspired me to post that.

Karen said...

I heard that Keshia got cast as Aaliyah but I wasn't sure if it was set in stone yet. It makes since though, she has a slight resemblance to her. Plus she already has acting and singing experience. I'm not much of an R&B fan but I remember liking Aaliyah's music back in middle school. And the way she died was so sad. And who knows, maybe this biopic could be Keshia's big break in America.

Darrell said...

Thanks for the post about SOUL. I am working with Vision on the premier. Keshia and the cast attended a premier on Feb 5th at the Isabel Bader theatre and the place was packed to watch the first episdoe. Great post! Thanks for mentioning the facebook and youtube sites. There is also a Twitter page for soul (

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by Darrell. I subscribed to your Twitter feed and checked out some of the links on there. Hopefully Soul will find its way to an American channel.