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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

The Legend of Chun-Li released in theaters today. I went in with low expectations and although it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be it was far from brilliant. But instead of talking about what I didn't like here's what I did:

1. Kristin Kreuk - She was able to shed her Lana Lang character except for the one part where she faints (if you're a Smallville fan then you'll know what I mean). This isn't her best work but I hope she gets some more opportunities in leading roles.

2. Multi-culturalism - In this version Chun-Li is biracial. There's not a great fuss or focus about her parents being in an interracial relationship. It's just there and I like that.

3. The locations - The streets of Hong Kong and Bangkok gave the film a pleasant allure.

4. Moon Bloodgood - It's nice to see her in a film period. She plays a spunky cop who gets to flirt with the new guy in town.

Bottom line: If you're a fan the video game then you might enjoy this. If not, simply check it out to A.) support a female-driven action movie or B.) support an Asian-Canadian actress in a starring role.

There are countless of male-driven films that get twice the budget that are on the same level as this one and if they tank at the box office that doesn't stop the studios from making another action movie with a male lead. So grab a friend who enjoys martial arts and catch a matinee.


Anonymous said...

Glad you found some good things to say about the movie. I thought Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li was decent until she danced erotically to seduce Cantana. That was laughable.

Anonymous said...

"There are countless of male-driven films that get twice the budget that are on the same level as this one and if they tank at the box office that doesn't stop the studios from making another action movie with a male lead. So grab a friend who enjoys martial arts and catch a matinee."

if only i could grab a matinee with that would make me an action movie fan. ha ha


but yeah good example.a non super box office/doesn't stop the barrage of guy staring actionish stuff.

and how many screens is the new street fighter getting. i don't think whomever is expecting much or even care...

Karen said...

Kristin's was just weird and awkward. That whole dance sequence was off-kilter. I'll chalk it up to the director asking for that. I'm sure Kristin has better moves in real-life. At least I hope so!

I just checked out the weekend stats on and Chun-Li didn't do so well. Only a little over $4 million. I wonder how much it cost to make. Maybe it will pick up or do better in DVD sales.

The first Street Fighter set a really low bar for the series. It was so bad that it was good, in a campy kind of way, but that silliness is probably kept people away from the new one.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw the trailer for this film, and thought, "I'll pass ..."

I think it's a couple of notches over the original, which isn't saying much.

I think it's great to see a female lead in a martial arts film, but it looks so trite and I just can't get over Michael Clarke Duncan being in this film.

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