10 Favorite Movie Characters

I was tagged by DJ over at Matte Havoc to do this top ten list. Here are my picks...

10. Selene from Underworld
- She's kick butt cool and there's no other way to put it. If you get in her way she will either bite or shoot you. But the best part was watching her fall in love with that werewolf dude.

9. Monica from Love & Basketball
- She's driven, passionate and she's gets the guy by simply staying true to herself.

8. Peter Parker from Spiderman - Nothing ever seems to go right for Peter. He gets knocked around but he doesn't give up. He's geeky yet cool and he eventually realizes that "with great power comes great responsibility."

7. Pocahontas from Disney's Pocahontas - Even though the story isn't historically correct I'm still captivated by the title character. Pocahontas seems so in tune with the Earth in a really cool, really spiritual kind of way and I like that.

6. Jo March from Little Women - She's a spunky writer who has a zest for life and art. Plus, she'd do anything for her sisters which makes her pretty fierce.

5. Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite - He's such an adorable dweeb. His drawings, his affinity for ligers and those dancing skills. What-a-catch!

4. Paikea from Whale Rider - She exudes faith, magic and hope. And that scene where she gives the speech about her grandfather is bittersweet and poignant.

3. Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's - Holly knows how to make a party in tight quarters seem uber chic. Plus she's the quintessential quirky character.

2. Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- She's screwed up but she's frank about it. This line is superb: "Too many guys think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive. But I'm just a f'd-up girl who's lookin' for my own peace of mind; don't assign me yours."

1. Novalee Nation from Where the Heart Is - She's a simple character in an offbeat setting but I enjoy everything about this movie and especially her introspective transformation at the end.

Those are my favs, join the fun and share your list!


Kaitlin said...

I dig Lloyd Dobler/John Cusack in Say Anything, Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character in 25th Hour, Edward Norton as a priest in Keeping the Faith, Amanda Peet's Emily in A Lot Like Love, Sean Astin's Mikey in The Goonies and many others. You know my love for top tens :) But this would be a tough one for me to do.

Ella Preuss said...

I love Where the Heart is, it's one of my favourite films of all time...
cool list!
I'll try to make mine, soon...

Karen said...

Amanda Peet's Emily was a fun character. I like the soundtrack to that film.

Jacque said...

1.Edward Norton's character in American History X
2.Any character played by Sir Robert Downey Jr.
4.Edward Scissorhands
5.Jack Skellington
6.Scar (The Lion King)
7.Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
8.Alpa Chino from Tropic Thunder
9.Moses (the Prince of Egypt)
10.The wives from Goodfellas

it's hard to only pick 10..

Issa Rae said...

Great list! Monica from "Love & Basketball" and Clementine from "Eternal Sunshine ..." are definitely great movie characters. Her signature quote is priceless.

Napoleon Dynamite may be the reason why Jon Heder can't get regular roles.

I love Edward Scissorhands too.

Karen said...

How did I forget Edward Scissorhands? hehe. Putting together ten is hard but it's fun!

Unknown said...

Holly Golightly is my favorite character ever!

Trista DeVries said...

I seriously adore Novalee Nation. I mean, she lived in a WAL-MART for crying out loud... and got away with it! And then, when that baby finally comes around, she loves it so much. This movie breaks my heart in all the right ways.

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