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Bi-Racial...Not Black Damn It

Films like this get me excited! Growing up there weren't many resources and stories that documented the biracial experience so it's cool to see this kind of stuff emerge. I'm not a fan of the title (it sounds a little harsh) but the content seems thought-provoking enough so I plan on buying the DVD as soon as I can.

Want more? You can watch a 16 minute excerpt of the film here.

Official Site:

[H/T Sergio]


Noelani said...

I can't even bring myself to watch the trailer. The title is so off-putting.

Karen said...

It's definitely not a title I would have chosen! But like I mentioned before, I'm intrigued in seeing what people have to say. There isn't one singular biracial experience, they come in all kinds of variations. President Obama definitely has a notable one! I wonder if they touch upon that (depending on what year it was produced).

Jacque said...

I didn't watch the clip, but I understand. Halle Barry is Bi-Racial, Pres. Obama is Bi-Racial. It seems when someone is half black they're just labeled black without regard to the other half of their makeup....I wanna watch this!

Yemoonyah said...

I watched the trailer and the 11 minute interview and I found it to be very interesting.Would love to see the whole thing.

noelani said...

Hi Karen,

So, I watched trailer and unfortunately it's as I expected. I don't have the same personal experiences as those in the film but I find it really sad, very sad.

Karen said...

I hope the film offers some more upbeat moments because being mixed is a fun experience too!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I'm also surprised by the title, but hey, that's how the emotion grabs you sometimes.

UrbanCineaste said...

Anyone wanting to explore topic should view the Channel 4 documentary recently aired here in the UK.

Entitled Is It Better To Be Mixed Race? It looks at being Bi-Racial on a scientific level.

See programme here:

Channel 4s Race: Science's Last Taboo site can be found here:

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