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Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel to star in 'Your Highness'

Two of my favorite actresses will finally share the screen in a medieval comedy called Your Highness. Deschanel just signed onto the project alongside Portman and James Franco. For me this pairing is as grand as Pacino and DeNiro, Denzel and Russell Crowe or any of those heavy-hitting combos that people were eager to see. This is so much better! It's Garden State meets 500 Days Summer.

For all the details on this epic duo visit The Hollywood Reporter.


Alea said...

There is no way this can't be good!

Margaret said...

James Franco isn't the BEST actor... but I love Zooey and Natalie can do a good job.

Karen said...

Exactly! A movie with Zooey and Natalie is golden. Can't wait!

mB said...

I am so excited for this! Lovely Indie Leading Ladies - how can one go wrong?

Karen said...

Yes! Share the excitement. 2011 is going to a be great year for film.

glimmer said...

the shins vs the smiths ???

uh, is there a third option ?? :)

large canvas said...

Oh wow this should be a brilliant movie, can't wait :)

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