Snow Cake

Given the right script, Sigourney Weaver can probably embody any type of character and that's the mark of a great actress (she has three Oscar nominations to her credit). Yet somehow Snow Cake went under-the-radar in 2006, and that's the plight of smaller films sometimes they get overlooked by movies with bigger marketing budgets. At Reel Artsy it's our ambition to spotlight films new and old that offer a pinch of quirky. So you might want to give Snow Cake a try!

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Bombchell said...

definitely flew under my radar :/

Anh Khoi Do said...

I saw this Canadian film some time ago. Although it took a while for the film to have an impact on me, I can confirm that the film is worth seeing for the cast's performance.

Karen said...

I like the subtitle to your blog. #geekgirls unite. hehe.

Cool, I'm glad you liked it!

clarabela said...

This movie looks very interesting. I am putting it on the top of my Netflix list.

Film Gurl said...

This looks like an interesting movie, I like the music. I noticed Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) from the Matrix, she's way cool! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

@Film Gurl
Yep, Trinity rocks!

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