Fish Tank

Fish Tank looks like a British version of Thirteen. I'm sure the storylines are different but judging from the trailer it has a similar vibe. They both center on the the gritty tales of teenage life. Fish Tank has been relieving positive buzz on the festival circuit but no word on when it will get limited or wide release in the States. Hopefully sooner than later.

Official Site:


Joshua dos Santos said...

looks like it will have some great performances

Unknown said...

Wow it looks intense, I definitely want to see it.

Karen said...

Intense is the word!

I wanted to see Fish Tank at the AFI Fest but I went for the Kenny Ortega event. Why'd they have to be at the same time? Grr. hehe.

Rain said...

Wow. Looks very intense and dark. However looks like there will be light at the end of tunnel for the main charter. I want to see it.

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